Creating a great product is only half the battle. Often, the biggest challenge can be making people aware you exist and then convincing them to give your brand a try. Without a solid plan, even the biggest promotion budgets won't deliver solid results. That's why IGNITE takes a highly strategic approach to marketing. We start by learning as much as we can about your potential customers. How old are they? What do they do for a living? And, most importantly, what do they want from a spirit? Once we have a clear picture in mind, we determine the best message to motivate consumers to try your brand. Then, we deliver the message in a smart, innovative way that makes you stand out from your competition. We create fully integrated campaigns, so that every communication — from your web site, to your ads, to your sales sheets — speaks with one clear voice.
Develop a social media campaign
IGNITE creates custom-designed Facebook pages that help you get noticed and deliver content that's rel-evant to your fans. We increase fan counts and drive interactions by developing unique features like games, polls, cocktail recipes and videos.
Intelligently utilize traditional media
Traditional advertising is an excellent way to quickly reach a mass audience. But it's easy to get lost among the many other brands competing for attention. At IGNITE, we've found the best way to get noticed is to run ads that are smart, innovative and speak directly to the needs and desires of the target audience. Once we've developed the right message, our media department concentrates on finding publications that reach the largest number of potential customers. Then, we aggressively negotiate the best rates so that you enjoy the maximum return for every dollar spent on media.
Create an online presence
IGNITE combines rich graphics and compelling text to create websites that inform, entertain and inspire people to learn more about your brand. We consider digital marketing best practices to ensure your site is easy to navigate and fully functional across the most widely used browser platforms.
Take advantage of new communication channels
With the growing popularity of mobile web devices, and their unique ability to reach consumers in the bar and retail environments, we can provide solutions to make sure your site is smart phone and tablet optimized. IGNITE can even create unique experiences for the mobile user, including apps, games and contests.
Motivate your sales force
A dedicated sales force can greatly enhance brand awareness among restaurant managers, beverage managers, agency team members and consumers. IGNITE can develop programs and materials to train, motivate and inspire your team.
Form relationships with distributors
A local and nationwide chain of distributors are key to getting your brand on the shelf. They can also be instrumental in providing the connections needed to expand your business at a local, state-wide and national level. IGNITE can develop all the materials you'll need to reach out to distributors, including letters, presentations and brochures. We'll also help you train brand ambassadors, who can directly build relationships with key players in the industry.